Who I am

Who I am

Who is the Girl from China? 

My name is Lucie, I am 31 and I come from Czech republic. Small but beautiful country in the heart of Europe. Since July 2014 I have been living in China together with my Australian boyfriend Mick. Living in China wasn’t my idea. We have moved here because of my boyfriend’s job. It was irresistible offer and even if I really didn’t want to leave my beloved home and move so far away I decided to go. And I am happy for that decision.

I don’t have job at the moment (yes I let my boyfriend to make money for both of us). So logically I lie on the terrace all day with sunglasses on, gin’n’tonic in one hand and good book in the other…. Not really. I hate doing nothing so my job is to learn Chinese language (and make my life more complicated I also learn the written form) and secure all the small daily details which make our life smooth and happy.

Besides that we also travel a lot and that was one of the reasons why I started write this blog. To share my experiences from traveling and stories from daily life. 

As English is not my native language there is a high chance I made some small mistakes. I hope you will forgive me. Or correct me 🙂  

2 thoughts on “Who I am

  1. 1. You have made many English mistakes here. And they are not small
    2. You have been without work for 4 years and you are 31 years old? There are many ways how to make money online. I hope yiur boyfriend will realize what a burden you are to him.
    3. You do not seem to be nice at all and based on the comments you make on IG I think you are just an old sad lady.

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