How it works in Chinese gym

How it works in Chinese gym

Welcome. This is new episode of series ”Life on another planet”. Today’s episode is about:




When I started to go to local gym the first I noticed was a quite weird music they played there. Well I thought that the teenage receptionist playing the music just broke up with her boyfriend and need to heal her broken heart by listening Chinese love songs. I’ve been living here long enough to know that ”Chinese Mariah Carey” style of music is the most popular music and EVERYBODY listen to it and EVERYBODY love it! Why not but it’s not really suitable for gym (well I think that this kind of music is not suitable to any other place and should be banned!) So the rule no.1 is NEVER FORGET TO BRING YOUR OWN MUSIC!


This is not worth to comment it at all. Just look down to the gallery. This girl woke up in the morning and probably got the idea that she’s gonna change her life and start to work out hard! And it’s not exception as same as a guy who just come to the gym dressed in jeans and T-shirt (and with bunch of keys clipped at his belt because this is also a big fashion here) jump on the treadmill, run 10 minutes and simply leaves…


Do you know the saying ”quality is more than quantity”? Chinese definitely don’t. So in reality it means: it doesn’t matter how will I do it but most important is to do it with proper weight. I can tell you it really amuse me to see fragile Chinese boys with rickety legs trying to lift heavy weights. It always confirms that human body can withstands a lot! Anyway, after every single series of exercise it’s necessary to check the muscle grow! Especially biceps and abs, these are the most important….


Yeah Chinese are not the tidiness lovers. And no matter where they are they always make a mess. Even in the gym! The dumbbell stand is always empty because all the dumbbells are chucked on the floor. So if I want to use them I first must find the ones I want, then return the others back to the stand to make some space for my work out. Most of local ”power lifters” just do their training, drop the dumbbells to the floor and leave. Absolutely don’t care of anything and anybody! It really always pisses me off! Besides that they also leave the rubbish such as empty plastic bottles or tissues everywhere. There is a rubbish bin of course but unfortunately most of Chinese haven’t found what is it good for yet…


What you NEVER but really NEVER must not forget to bring with you to the gym? MOBILE PHONE! Because how would you fill 20 minutes gaps between all three series you gonna do today without your phone, how would you inform all your friends where you are and what are you doing, but MAINLY! How would you make a selfie after the hardest training you have ever done!


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