How making Chinese driving license lead you to ZEN state of mind I.

How making Chinese driving license lead you to ZEN state of mind I.

Everyone who has been to Asia must admit that only a freak would like to drive a car there. Roads full of cars, bikes and motorbikes and absolutely no rules. I don’t consider myself to be a freak but I thought being able to drive in China could be quite handy. But if you want to drive a car in China you need a patience, courage, Chinese driving license and balls to do it.

First let’s have a look how to get the driving license (which is actually associated with the patience). It’s very easy. All you need to do is pass the test. That means to answer correctly at least 97 questions of total 100. Well it sounds easy BUT. First time I made the test without any previous preparation. Amateur’s mistake! I thought that if I have European driving license and I am an active driver (and good driver) I don’t need to learn anything. It will be peace of cake. Well I little bit overestimate myself and little bit underestimate Chinese way of thinking. I really don’t know who created the questions but I can tell you that some of them were bloody tricky:

What does this sign mean?                                                                What does this sign mean?

a) viewing platform                                                                            a) Viewing platform
b) rest area                                                                                             b) rest area
c) car park                                                                                              c) car park
d) parking space                                                                                  d) service area

(the left sign is viewing platform and the right sign is rest area. Of course it’s written there! You can’t read Chinese?!)

And who bloody hell did the translation?! I was praying to not get this question in the test because even if I tried my best I just don’t understand it…If some of you do please tell me. ( Anything it means, the correct answer is ”wrong” )

When a motorized vehicle causes a road accident involving property damage, if the party leave the scene on his own but does not leave, the traffic police are not allowed to order the party to leave the scene. Right or wrong?

And here is my favorite series with traffic policeman. Sorry but normally you follow YOUR point of view. Not the car’s coming from left or right side! OMG!!! These questions drive me crazy!

Ok. I failed. Little bit sad, little bit ashamed and little bit pissed off but I didn’t want to give up. Somewhere on the internet I found the questions and started practicing. But if I wanted to succeed I had to switch my way of thinking to Chinese way. In other words: Don’t try to understand it just accept it. This rule number 1 makes everything much easier and it’s the secret key how to put your mind in the ZEN state. Since then I didn’t get angry at every second absurd question. I just learned all the answers correct according to Chinese mentality not the answers which supposed to be correct according to me. Over a month of daily practice I was ready to try it again. 

Making the test is very strict. Each seat in a classroom has a camera and it’s banned to put anything else but your hands on the table. And you must keep your hands on the table all the time, palms down and all you can do is clicking the mouse. You can’t even scratch your head! It can be consider as cheating.
I finished the test in 30 minutes. This time I was successful. 99 points from 100 woo hoo! Good on me! Luckily I didn’t need to do the practical test. So with driving license in my pocket I could jump into the car and DRIVE!

I will repeat myself – It sounds easy BUT…..




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