No more but ”ordinary” stories from one blondie living in China. Since I have been living here I’ve already colected decent amount of experiences. Living and traveling in China is not always easy and sometimes ( ehm often, always…) the culture difference makes misunderstandings. There is a lot of people who visited China for holidays and I always like to read their comments because it usually makes me laugh. They often have the same experiences and what they call ”weird”, ”different”, ”strange”, ”unbelievable” that is my daily routine. After couple years in China I know how to handle with people, how to manage various situations just how to live here and don’t go mad. And I want to share my hardly gained experiences with YOU!



I will bring you detailed and valuable information about how to travel in China, which places is worth to visit, what to be aware of, what to expect. I will show you photos of places I visited. I introduce you people, culture, food and much more. All 100% authentic!



I am not a traveler or backpacker. To be more clear – I don’t travel all the times. I have a home which is Sanshui in China at the moment. To be even more clear – I am not a nomad. I don’t like the kind of living when you live one month in one country and then move for next month to another country. I need to have a HOME. Maybe I am little bit old school but this is just the way I am. Despite of that I travel a lot (besides China a visited many other countries). My time in China is limited. I will go back to Czech republic one day but while I am here I think it would be wasting time just to sit at home and do nothing. But I don’t do budget traveling, I don’t seek dangerous situations to get the best photo or stupid adventures just because it’s cool and it’s necessary for travel blog. I won’t give you a guide how to become life long traveler. 



Maybe you are traveler who is searching for new adventures. Maybe you’ve already visited China, maybe you are still thinking about it. Or maybe you are someone who actually doesn’t want to go anywhere but sit at home and read about adventures of the others. Well anyone you are, I will be pleased if this blog will help, inspire, encourage or just amuse you.