15 photos that make you visit Xi’an

15 photos that make you visit Xi’an

Xi’an (Sian) is one of the oldest cities in China and one of the major ancient civilization capitals of the world! However, despite of its culture and historical value it’s primarily top gastronomic destination in China. Xi’an definitely must be on the bucket list of every traveler and food lover!


First I must say that I absolutely love Xi’an. I have been here already three times and I am sure it wasn’t my last visit. Xi’an lies in northwest central China. It’s a capital city of Shaanxi province and for long time it had been residence of Chinese emperors. Total 13 imperial dynasties ruled whole country from here. Xi’an (in the past called Chang’an) was the starting point of the Silk road. It’s just amazing place and list of interesting facts is too long to be mentioned here. Enjoy the photographs which say more than words….



One of the largest, oldest and best preserved city wall in China is the one in Xi’an. Drum tower and Bell tower – buildings that are the dominant of the city. Most enjoyable in the night time!


Traditional bread, lamb soups with home made noodles, lamb skewers, sweets, nuts, fresh fruits, dried fruits, chili and major local delicacy  Xi’an burger – slow cooked lamb meat with spices, chopped and served in fresh bun. On the top the chef pours a bit of  lamb broth. The Muslim quarter is just gastronomic paradise…



Of course, Xi’an is not only about food. Most people come here to see one of the most famous historical sites in the world – Terracotta army. Or climb one of the five sacred mountains in China – Hua shan (Flower mountain). 

But Xi’an and its surroundings offers lot more than this. Look at the places where travel agencies won’t take you!




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