Banyan Tree Yangshuo

Banyan Tree Yangshuo

Banyan tree hotels is a network of luxury hotels located mostly in Asia. On May 2017 we visited one of their 13 hotels in China. Banyan tree Yangshuo. ”Gaze on a crystalline backdrop of emerald rice fields, mist-shrouded limestone mountains, meandering rivers and curious caves and feel your heart lighten”…. this is what the official website says and I must say it is exact!



The hotel is located about 10 km from Yangshuo city in a lovely little village called Fu Li. It seems to be quite far away from the city center but don’t worry the hotel provides shuttle bus service. The location of the hotel is perfect for people who wants to get some relax rather than rush in the city center.



The hotel is quite big but surprisingly it’s very well hidden in the rural area. After entrance the hotel gate you appear in the ancient village looking like hotel area. It’s very lovely and quiet. After check-in the hotel staff take you to your room. There are cobbled narrow pats among the villas, lakes and lot of greenery. The hotel lies at Li river bank with beautiful views to surrounding limestone hills. You can have a swim in the pool or sit in the Pool bar have a cup of coffee or glass of wine and enjoy the landscape.



The hotel has a international and Chinese cuisine. The breakfasts are served in the international restaurant where you can sit inside or outside with a company of a local peacock 🙂 The variety of food is huge and very delicious.


We tried the Chinese restaurant for dinner and it was absolutely delightful! The restaurant itself is very stylish. It is done in traditional Chinese style with a bit of modern twist. It’s luxurious but not too ostentatious. The staff is very kind and professional. I really don’t know how to describe the food. It was simply mind blowing. Absolutely delicious!


The hotel offers suits and villas. We  booked Pagoda lake suite with king bed. It means that view from our room was situated into the inner area of the hotel complex with the big lake in the middle. The room was amazing. Very spacious, clean and quiet.  You can enjoy luxurious bathroom with huge bath tub. The villas look even more luxurious. But they are more likely for families  or demanding clientele I guess.



Hotel provides bicycles, bamboo rafts, there is also gym and big outside swimming pool. I noticed some other additional activities were held during our stay mainly a craft work so guests can make their own souvenirs there. If you want to go to Yangshuo city the hotel shuttle bus will take you there and pick you up later (The time is up to you. Just let them know what time do you want to come back).

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to try hotel spa so I cannot evaluate. But we attended another entertainment – night cormorant fishing. It was quite interesting and worth to see. We followed an old fisherman and his six or seven cormorants on their bamboo raft. On the fisherman command all the cormorants jumped into the water. The first few catches are for the birds but once they ate enough the fisherman tightened the string around the cormorants’ necks. It sounds a brutal but this precaution secures that cormorants still can catch the fish but can’t swallow it. So once the bird catches a fish it jumps back to the boat and the fisherman will remove the fish from its throat. 

As I mentioned above the hotel provides a bicycles. You will also get a small map with possible bike trips. We did only one to the Xingping village which was all the way on the quite busy road. But there were another shorter or longer bike trails that seemed to be nice to do. If we will have a chance to visit Banyan tree Yangshuo again we will definitely do it rather than visiting overcrowded tourist spots!



This hotel is real gem in such a tourist place. I don’t exaggerate if I say that this hotel offers so much that you can easily avoid all the other attractions that you would possibly plan to do and still have the feeling that you saw more than the other tourists. You can enjoy the scenery without crowds and noise. You can enjoy the cruise on the Li river much better way. You can enjoy great service and great food. And everything in perfect tranquility…


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