Thousand shapes of Guizhou part 2

Thousand shapes of Guizhou part 2

Guizhou province lies in southwestern part of China. It’s indeed incredible source of adventures. Guizhou province has beautiful mountains, rural villages with minority tribes, rice paddies, waterfalls, caves and also one of the highest bridges in the world. Guizhou is just amazing place and it’s definitely can’t be missed!


Welcome at the second part of small series about Guizhou. Today I will introduce you a place that many Chinese people don’t know. My Chinese friends were very surprised when I showed them following pictures…


Forest of ten thousand peaks is the literal translation. And the name really fits. Lying on the southernmost tip of Guizhou not far away from boarder of Yunnan province this place is really unique. However for foreign tourists can be quite difficult to get decent information about it.  Well we just decided to go there and see what happens. Driving from Guiyang (capital of Guizhou) is comfortable as you drive almost all the time on the modern highway through picturesque landscape and it takes about 3 hours. During the 300 kilometers we saw magnificent valleys, misty mountains and crossed some really cool bridges.

Major point of Wan feng lin is little village in the middle of rice fields surrounded by karts peaks. Tourists can rent a bicycle or buy a ticket for 5 yuan and explore the area on electrical tourist train. 


One of the most beautiful canyons in China lies just a few kilometers north from Qianxinan town. It’s indeed spectacular place. I have never seen anything like this before. I think everyone loves waterfalls and this place is like parade of waterfalls! The canyon itself (or at least the area open for public) is not too big. We spent there about two hours. But it’s just amazing. We were lucky that the weather few days before our visit was rainy so there was a lot of water which made the waterfalls even more impressive. If you have a chance I really recommend to see this place.


It’s not easy to get to this area without car. Maybe that’s why there weren’t so many tourists as at the other places. I am happy that we visited Wan Feng Lin and surrounding. It was more driving that hiking but we saw really beautiful places. Like for example this one. Drive through the mountains and local villages where the life is so simple and quiet. It’s nice to see places like that. Far away from commercial tourism, restaurants, souvenir stands and crowds of noisy Chinese people. 

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