Guizhou province lies in southwestern part of China. It’s indeed incredible source of adventures. Guizhou province has beautiful mountains, rural villages with minority tribes, rice paddies, waterfalls, caves and also one of the highest bridges in the world. Guizhou is just amazing place and it’s definitely can’t be missed!


I have been to Guizhou twice and so far I explored only the southern part of this beautiful province. I can’t believe that only such a small part of one province offers so much. Let me introduce the first three destinations of Guizhou…


One of the most popular and most beautiful waterfalls in China lies about a hundred kilometers from Guizhou’s capital Guiyang. Thousands of visitors come here every year to see this natural beauty. Huang guo shu is part of quite big national park and is not the only waterfall that you can see here. The first waterfall you will reach shortly after entrance is Dou po tang waterfall. Not too big but still impressive. But this ”welcome” waterfall is only a starting point.  After visit Dou po tang you have to take a shuttle bus to take you to another part of the national park (and I would say to the most beautiful part). The walking path follows a river. At the beginning wide and calm river changing drastically its face and becoming narrower and wilder as a huge boulders make an obstacles and cascades create hundreds of small waterfalls. Then suddenly the stream disappear and the path leads you through calm charming little lakes and rocks. This whole scene is surrounded by rocky hills and forests.

After finish this part you have to take a shuttle bus again to finally take you to the main attraction – Huang guo shu waterfall. The path leads you towards the waterfall and even under it. It’s better have a rain coat as you will get a little bit wet. The path creates a small loop so you can appreciate the waterfall from each side. Despite this place is major tourist spot in Guizhou and can be quite crowded I still recommend to visit (just avoid the high season and national holidays 🙂 )


Not very far away from the Huang guo shu waterfall lies another beautiful national park Long gong. Compare to the previous one it’s smaller and you don’t need to take any shuttle bus. After entrance you will follow a path along the river. I visited this place on very rainy day so the stream was quite wild. As I walked further the stream was wilder and wilder. Soon I found out why. There was a big waterfall coming through the mountain. It was really impressive. Because of the rain there was incredible huge amount of water. Truly spectacular. The path led me further up to the mountain and finally I ended up on the top where there was a lovely lake. Boat take you to the other side of the lake right into the water caves system. Beautiful indeed (just if there wasn’t a speaker on the boat telling people what they can see which little bit spoiled the experience as the echo of the caves made it even louder). You basically go through the mountain and disembark on the other side. There is another cave that is worth to visit. Thanks to the rainy cold day there were only a few other visitors and I was lucky to be in the cave alone for few moments. No people, no kids, no screaming. Just me and the silent cave. Amazing. As the path leading further was closed I had to go back the same way. I didn’t mind. I took the boat back and enjoyed  the water cave again. Then it wasn’t so far away to the exit of the park. Well despite I was totally soaked in water I liked this place very much.


Nanjiang canyon lies about 60 km northeast from Guiyang. I took a taxi to get there. Taxi driver promised to wait for me and get me back but when we arrived he changed his mind and he said he is not going to wait for me there. Great! Luckily one lady (I guess a worker of the national park) heard our argument and she offered to help me to find a bus back to Guiyang when I finish my walk. That made me calm and I could start my walk around the canyon. It was off season so only one little group of Chinese tourist shared the whole canyon with me. Wooden path following the stream  is made on the edge of the mountain. The water is sometimes wild sometimes calm and finally ends up in the big lake. The lake cruise is part of the tour but there must be at least five tourists otherwise they won’t start the boat. I knew there were some people behind me so I waited for them. The boat took us to the other side of the park where there was a shuttle bus waiting for us to take us back to the starting point. The ride was through local little villages, rice and corn fields. Very rural very nice… The lady really helped me to catch a bus back to Guiyang. What an experience! The bus stopped at every village so the way back took a bit longer. Obviously it was regular line as the conductor exactly knew who will get on the bus. Every time we were driving to another village she called the people to be ready at the place that supposed to be a bus stop. We waited quite long time in one village and she called that person yelled at him where is he, bus full of people is waiting for him a he has only five minutes otherwise we are leaving without him. It was really entertaining. Well I was happy to be back safely in Guiyang after all 🙂 

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