Why nobody likes Chinese tourists?

Why nobody likes Chinese tourists?

Traveling is the world phenomenon. Everybody wants to travel the world and see the best of it. So do Chinese people. They love traveling and if they have a chance they go abroad seek some adventures. But I noticed anywhere they go nobody really likes them. Why is that? After more than three years living in China I am sort of used to almost anything but I totally understand why Chinese people can be annoying and make the other feel bothered. Here is why: 



And because Chinese government cancelled the ‘one child policy’ and there are more and more rich Chinese people who can afford to go traveling I think the situation won’t really change in the future. Every year during the Chinese Spring festival (Chinese new year celebration) we leave China to escape from Chinese people though we haven’t been successful yet. This year we went to New Zealand and the first thing we saw at the airport was a huge red banner wishing Happy Chinese new year! Same was on our stopover in Bangkok and Sydney and I thought: Yep learning Chinese makes sense indeed. So yes, there are many of them (and there will be even more of them in the future) and they are everywhere because traveling abroad is very popular in China now and everyone wants to take as many selfies as possible from all over the world



Well I think a normal group (let’s say about ten or twelve people) wouldn’t bother anybody but we are talking about Chinese right? So multiply it at least by twenty and here we go. Three buses loads of Chinese. And such a ”small” group will simply bother you! Especially when you want to visit some place that requires to buy an entrance ticket. Not only that the ticket is overpriced (because Chinese people are willing to pay for it) but also you gonna learn that all tickets are sold out for next two days!  That happened to us when we wanted to visit Hobiton in NZ (Lord of the rings movie set). I felt little bit bothered (actually I was pissed off) because I really wanted to visit the movie set but the tickets were sold out by who? Yes, by Chinese! And while we were leaving the ticket office I watched all the excited Chinese tourists happily getting on the bus going to the movie set and there was only one thought in my mind: Kill the Ming!



Yep, they are. Well one Chinese person is maybe not that noisy but there is nothing such as ”one Chinese person” because as I mentioned before Chinese people only travel in group (three buses). They NEVER shut up. They talk all the time, they talk everywhere and talk loud. When they go hiking they talk. When they are (unlikely) off topics and there is a risk of silence, they start to sing. And if they cannot even sing (because of hiking uphill for instance) they turn on the radio. Silence just doesn’t exist! And if you are hiking the same place and want to enjoy some tranquil moments you may feel a bit bothered…



What’s wrong with it? Normally nothing but in case of Chinese basically everything! They eat all the time, they eat everywhere and they eat loud. And they eat only in the group. It is normal in China. But Chinese dining is different than ”western” dining. Chinese people order several meals and then share it. It works alright in Chinese restaurants. It doesn’t work alright in western restaurants. Chinese haven’t yet got the idea of ‘one person one plate’ dining. They are crazy about western food. They love to eat it, they want to try as many new dishes as they can but they don’t accept the western style of eating.  So imagine a small Chinese group (three buses) eating in a western restaurant.  It’s very noisy because even when eating they talk all the time (talk loud of course) and messy because spaghetti Bolognese are just NOT designed to share with everyone around you! If you sit in the same restaurant I guarantee you will feel a bit bothered…


Read more about Chinese dining here


Definition of queue – people quietly standing in a row and waiting for their turn. And then group of Chinese tourists (three buses) will come and simply jump the queue. Just like that. Same like in China. Queue doesn’t exist.


Well the cruel truth is that for travel agencies Chinese tourist means good tourist. Chinese people are willing to pay for everything. Or at least for everything that is somehow attractive for them (attractive enough to make a selfie there). So travel agencies do their best and Chinese tourists pay. And the rest of us just has to adjust. Chinese people are not unfamiliar with it because you have to pay for almost everything in China too. Every attraction every national park etc. I often remember how amazing Czech republic (my home country) is. You can walk the entire country there and back, through forests, fields and meadows and it’s all free! You don’t need a tour guide or entrance ticket! It’s a luxury that we Czechs should be proud of and we should be happy that Chinese haven’t found it yet…


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